Flipkart Rs 300 Gift Voucher @ Rs 3 | Kotak 811 Debit Card Offer

Flipkart Rs 300 Gift Voucher @ Rs 3

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Flipkart Rs 300 Gv @ Rs 3.
Purchase The Flipkart gv From Kotak 811 Card & get Rs 297 Discount Instantly

100% Tested by me Working on Gv.

Kotak 811 App link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=c…

1. Open the Flipkart Vocuer Link And Buy Rs 100 * 3 Flipkart GV.
2. Make The Payment Using Kotak 811 Card
3. When you Enter kotak DC number Rs 297 Discount Will be Shown There
4. Just pay Rs 3
5. Enjoy

if you remeber I have shared this loot 4-5 days ago

Womens Kurti & Pendrive – Flat 99% Off With Kotak 811 Card with this title ….

Still Everyone is asking so made a seperate post !

All question and answer regarding Kotak 811 answered!

1. How to open an account?
A. Download Kotak 811 app from Play store or App Store and register with your mobile number and Aadhar Card. Pan Card details will also be required.

2. Do I need to update to full KYC for FK offer?
A. No

2. What do i use in referal code during registration?
A. FLIP(Mandatory to get Flipkart offer. Not my referral code)

3. How do i get my card details?
A. After successful verification and creation of account, just click on the big 811 banner on top left corner under ‘My Kotak Tab’.(Check comments for SS)

4. I successfully created an account. How do i add money?
A. You can add money via card during the registration process or you can easily add money using UPI.

5. What is my Kotak UPI address?
A. Your Kotak UPI address is ur mobile number used during registration followed by “@kotak”. Ex – 898******3@kotak

6. Is there any charge for account creation or using the account?
A. Absolutely no charge.

7. How much time does it take for the account to get registered?
A. Account gets registered instantly but updation of details in Kotak servers take only 24 hrs. So request you to not transact before 24 hours.

8. My card is blocked while trying to register my card after 3 unsuccessful attempts. What do i do?
A. It will automatically get unblocked after 24 hours. Alternatively you can call customer care after your account details are updated to get it unblocked.

9. What is flipkart offer on kotak virtual card?
A. You will get 99% off max ₹300 using your kotak virtual debit card for the first time on flipkart.

10. I cant register. It says there is no branch in my location. What do I do?
A. Ask someone else who has a branch in their location to create an account for you using parallel space. You can also use someone’s aadhar card whose address on aadhar is of location where there is a branch nearby. Fake GPS wont work.

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